In this series, we follow Government Spending, and related fiscal issues.
2024 May 7
2 months ago

Candidate's Night

The following excerpts capture a couple of sentences of each Select Board candidate's response to a citizen's question.
-- excerpts are edited for brevity (<20 seconds) and clarity. To watch the full recording of Candidate's Night, please click here

Question by voter Dan Slater
What is your vision and plan to reduce the tax burden on the citizens of this town?
0.3 min

Susan Girard-Irwin's response
0.2 min

Kevin Grunwald's response
0.3 min

Tim Hickey's response
0.3 min

Nancy Medoff's response
0.3 min

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2024 Apr 11
2 months ago

Michael Forgione on Spending

An article published in the April 2024 Truro Newsletter shows the rapid growth in both taxes and spending.
"In the four years from FY2021 to FY2025 the Town wants to grow its spending from $23,143,937 to $34,948,179. That is an increase of $11,804,242 or a 51% increase in spending. This is not sustainable."
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