2 Sand Pit Road

In this series, we follow the possible $6 million purchase of 2 Sand Pit Rd (Noons). The need for $100k of sand annually has been discussed as the reason for considering the purchase.
2024 Mar 27
4 months ago

Discussion of 2 Sand Pit Rd Purpose

Question arises at DPW Forum with answer by Town Manager
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2024 Mar 19
4 months ago

Select Board Discussion of 2 Sand Pit Rd Purpose

Why are we considering this purchase?

Select Board punts discussion to their next meeting.
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2024 Feb 27
5 months ago

Select Board Discussion of 2 Sand Pit Rd

by DPW Director Cabral and Horsley Witten consultant

A 23-acre land acquisition is under consideration at a cost of $6 million. Concurrently, discussions have taken place regarding the outcomes of water testing, specifically focusing on PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) levels. In response to these developments, the Select Board has requested that staff initiate the process of drafting a warrant article.

Short Trailer -- highlights edited for length and clarity
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Full Segment -- 14 minute version
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2024 Feb 24
5 months ago

2 Sand Pit Rd, North Truro

map showing 23-acre plot

The 2 Sand Pit Rd property is located a few hundred yards northwest of the Public Safety Facility. The map below shows this parcel in relation to nearby landmarks.
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