Town Meeting-Technology

Using Technology to improve future Town Meetings. Enhancing Truro's Audio/Visual network to connect rooms; Automated Voting Systems.
2024 May 5
3 months ago

ATM Article 31 - Town Meeting out of Truro

Reed motioned to allow this, Weinstein seconded it, Tangeman made it sound difficult, and Town Counsel Georgio confused MA General Law on the point of technology enabling town meeting in 2 places.

But voter Forgione (at 5:50 in this clip) referenced a Dec 5 2023 discussion (at the end of that clip) where Tangeman stated: 'Next thing is to figure out what the cost would be.'
Tangeman (at 6:25) denied that getting a cost was ever directed.
14.6 min
Reed misinformed the voters by stating there are 'no indoor spaces in Truro capable of accommodating more than 105 voters...' yet the capacity of the Community Center is 421, the School Gym is 301, the COA Lounge is 136, the
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2024 Apr 1
4 months ago

The Law Permits a Town Meeting in More Than One Place

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 39 Section 10

The law is easy to read and explicitly permits meeting in more than one place.
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2024 Mar 4
5 months ago

No Discussion on A/V Network for Town Meeting

What progress are we making on virtual Town Meeting technology?

Town Manager Darrin Tangeman to the Select Board:
'We've looked at a number of different options... also looking at connecting all these through a potential digital combination of the two.'
But no other details provided.
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2024 Jan 9

Budget Discussion of A/V Network for Town Meeting

Michael Forgione asks if we're making progress on virtual Town Meeting technology.

In reply, Jarrod Cabral states we can already do hybrid meetings at the Community Center, and technology will allow it to happen, but it's a question now for Town Counsel. Darrin Tangeman questions what the goal is. Sue Areson clarifies the goal of a Town Meeting held in both places, interconnected with audio and video, as discussed at the December Select Board meeting. Tangeman stresses the need for buying and testing the equipment. Forgione emphasizes that it has been done in Brewster.
2.9 min
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2023 Dec 5

Town Meeting A/V Network is Feasible Per Town's Consultant

...readily available equipment and Zoom will enable all rooms to see and hear each other. Darrin Tangeman to figure out what cost would be.

Connect the town buildings and rooms in realtime using Zoom.
1.8 min
2023 Dec 5

Town Meeting Video Has 15 Second Delay solution yet; two contractors have tried.

Town Manager Darrin Tangeman discusses that 15 second video delay is something that is still unsolved. But will be considered.
1.2 min
2021 Jan 1

Large Meeting Hybrid Tech Setup

This short 'Tech How To' will teach you how to set up the equipment for a hybrid meeting for a large meeting size.
9.3 min
Thanks to Rotary International for this explanation of how large meeting rooms can be connected using Zoom.