In this series, we explore everything related to Truro's water. Drinking water comes from a sole source aquifer, while rivers and ponds are also challenged.
2024 May 7
2 months ago

Candidate's Night

The following excerpts capture a couple of sentences of each Select Board candidate's response to a citizen's question.
-- excerpts are edited for brevity (<20 seconds) and clarity. To watch the full recording of Candidate's Night, please click here

Question by voter Joanne Hollander
Extensive water infrastructure or well-based systems?
0.3 min

Nancy Medoff's response
0.4 min

Tim Hickey's response
0.4 min

Kevin Grunwald's response
0.4 min

Susan Girard-Irwin's response
0.3 min

Tags: Water
2024 Mar 7
3 months ago

Outer Cape Water Health

A look at the outermost Public Water Supply on Cape Cod

by the Truro Climate Action Committee and the Truro Public Library
41.8 min
The second of three Outer Cape Water Health sessions with the Truro Climate Action Committee. Emily Beebe, Truro’s Health & Conservation Agent and Cody Salisbury, Provincetown Water System Superintendent, speak about the freshwater resources shared by Truro and Provincetown. Learn about the history of this enterprise as well as current coordinated efforts to meet the water needs of both towns, while protecting the freshwater we depend on.
2024 Feb 13
5 months ago

PFAS Testing from Transfer Station

'forever' chemicals testing at 2 locations

More about PFAS: PFAS Explained by the EPA
15.3 min
2024 Feb 8
5 months ago

Cape Cod Faces a Rising 'Yellow Tide'

from Scientific American and WBUR

Tourism is big business on Cape Cod, but a growing environmental issue could disrupt the lives of tourists and residents alike.
11.4 min